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You can board and lodge at the Home Stay. There is a kitchen, where you can cook, and get your own rations. 

There exists comfortable and furnished Dining Space, adjoining the kitchen.

Also, you can book meals on order. Simple Indian Thali Food can be made to order from the nearby Dhaba(s), roadside food stall/ eatery upon prior information.

Electricity is available at Jungle View.

All 3 rooms are provided with double beds and basic amenities. 

The rooms are airy, comfortable, ventilated, spacious, well- lit naturally and also have electric bulbs, ceiling fans, etc.

The rooms are secure, with strong doors and windows, fitted with clear wire mesh, which keeps local insects and pests out of bounds.

You can call/email for further details.

Double Room with Balcony

Double Room with Mountain View

Double/Twin Room with View

Kitchenette & Dining


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